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  • Ex-Giants head coach Jim Fassel: Panthers lost due to Cam Newton's shoes

    The Score "Former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel offered up a bizarre reason as to why the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50. Fassel said Cam Newton's gold shoes, which feature stats from his MVP season, are to blame for his team's defeat. Originally, Fassel thought the Panthers would win but..." February 11

  • Newton erotic novella ‘Dabbin’ with Cam’ released on Amazon

    Sportress of Blogitude "With much of the talk concerning Cam Newton revolving around his relatively short and curt comments following the Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 — not to mention the defiant tone he took when conceding that he’s a “sore loser,” recent news on the more whimsically..." February 10

  • Panthers defend Cam Newton for not diving on loose fumble

    SB Nation "It's the most memorable image from Super Bowl 50, the ball trickling around on the ground, Cam Newton standing over it but for some reason electing not to dive. The Newton fumble, one of two caused by Broncos pass rusher Von Miller, wound up being recovered by Broncos safety T.J. Ward at the..." February 09

  • Cam Newton says he has no regrets about postgame press conference

    Yahoo! Sports "Cam Newton doesn't care if you think he was moody and sullen after the Super Bowl. And if you were expecting him to apologize for his actions, think again. Speaking for the first time since Sunday, Newton didn't apologize, didn't clarify, didn't backtrack on his brief, pouting press conference...." February 09

  • Broncos CB on postgame press conference setup: 'I would have been mad if I was Cam too'

    USA Today "After Cam Newton abruptly left his press conference on Sunday, many pointed out on social media that it’s possible he could actually hear what Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. was saying to the media about their game plan. On Tuesday morning, Harris said that he would have been annoyed..." February 09

  • Kalil on notion of Cam quitting: 'Absolute garbage'

    Charlotte Observer "The morning after one of the worst losses of his life, Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil hadn’t watched the replay from Super Bowl 50 the rest of the world is commenting on: the fourth-quarter fumble that Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did not dive on. But Kalil didn’t need to see the..." February 08

  • Here's Why Cam Newton Walked Out of His Post Game Interview

    Cat Scratch Reader "If you listen closely you can here Bronco CB Chris Harris essentially mocking Newton in the background during his interview. I mean he shouldn't have to sit there and listen to that. I hate that he did walk off because of the sure criticism he was going to receive and he did. In fact according..." February 08

  • Deion Sanders lights up Cam Newton: 'You can't do that'

    Yahoo! Sports "Moments after the Super Bowl ended, Cam Newton suffered through a disastrous press conference of his own making, keeping every answer short and not sticking around very long. That didn't sit very well with some NFL elders discussing the issue on NFL Network afterward. "You are the face of our..." February 08

  • Cam Newton walks out of postgame press conference

    The Score "The strong opinions on Cam Newton are only going to escalate during the offseason. After a disappointing performance in Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers quarterback didn't do himself any favors by walking out of his postgame press conference. The reigning MVP's play on the field certainly..." February 08

  • Cam’s failure to fall on fumble defines his Super Bowl

    Pro Football Talk "Cam Newton had a special season in 2015, winning the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award and emerging as a run-pass threat the likes of which we’ve never seen in the history of football. And yet quarterbacks are remembered for what they do in the Super Bowl, and Newton’s Super Bowl is going to be..." February 08

  • Manning vs. Newton proves opposites attract

    ESPN "Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton -- man, it could have been something if only they were born around the same time. Go ahead and consider what defined the enduring sports rivalries of the past. Ali and Frazier. Arnie and Jack. Russell and Chamberlain. Chrissie and Martina. Magic and Bird. The..." February 07

  • Cam Newton gets MVP song from Young Jeezy ‘Hit Um’

    Larry Brown Sports "Cam Newton was rightfully named NFL MVP on Saturday. The Carolina Panthers quarterback threw for 35 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, while rushing for 636 yards and 10 more scores. Oh yeah, he also led the Panthers to a 15-1 season. Not too shabby. " February 07

  • Cam Newton named NFL's Most Valuable Player "This has been the season of Cam Newton. The only question is whether the new league MVP will finish it all off on Sunday with a Super Bowl title. Newton was named the league's Most Valuable Player at NFL Honors on Saturday night, winning 48 of the 50 possible votes from The Associated Press...." February 07

  • Cam Newton snags offensive player of the year

    Pro Football Talk "Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn’t at the NFL Honors show in San Francisco on Saturday because he’s trying to win the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, but he’s going to be going home with some hardware whether or not the Panthers can win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise..." February 07

  • Cam Newton quit baseball because he was afraid of getting hit

    Sun Times "There aren’t many quarterbacks in the NFL who can take a hit like Cam Newton does, especially after he scrambles out of the pocket. The fact that Newton is so used to getting hit by defenders makes the reason he decided to quit baseball rather odd. Chris Landers of Cut 4 dug up an ESPN article..." February 06

  • Brady, Cam, Beckham have NFL’s best-selling jerseys

    Pro Football Talk "Deflategate, dancing and dirty play aside, Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. have the NFL’s three best-selling jerseys. Although all three players have been described as polarizing at times, when released its latest jersey rankings, they showed Brady on top, followed by..." February 04

  • Ken Dorsey helps develop Cam Newton into MVP favorite

    CSN Bay Area "Nobody would ever confuse quarterback Cam Newton’s playing style with his position coach, who forged a six-year NFL career. “I played one year in the CFL," Panthers quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey said, "and we did have some zone read, but ..." There was no need for him to finish the..." February 03

  • J.J. Watt explains why he's perfectly OK with Cam Newton's TD dances

    CBS Sports "Lost in all the discussion about Cam Newton and his celebrations is one very simple fact: football is fun. Or supposed to be anyway. Fortunately for the world, All-Pro Houston Texans defensive tackle J.J. Watt reminded everyone during a Q&A of this very fact by pointing out he's totally on..." February 03

  • Von Miller sees no issue with Cam Newton's gold Versace pants

    The Score "Cam Newton is the center of attention ahead of the Super Bowl, and the Denver Broncos keyed on the star quarterback as they prepare for the game of their lives. During Super Bowl Opening Night, members of the Broncos were reverential towards the MVP favorite. "Cam is a super tough player to..." February 01

  • Warren Moon on Cam Newton: People act like he got away with rape

    Larry Brown Sports "Warren Moon is tired of the criticism Cam Newton has faced over the last several years, and the Hall of Fame quarterback has a very graphic way of expressing his emotions on the topic. Moon, who has been a mentor to Newton for a long time, recently spoke to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports about the..." February 01

  • Is race really a factor in how Cam Newton is perceived?

    Fox Sports "Warren Moon is under no illusion regarding Cam Newton. The mentor understands his mentee has made mistakes in the past, didn't handle adversity very well early in his career and even now could stand to shorten some of his celebrations. It's just that Moon can't figure out why the backlash the..." February 01

  • Brandon Marshall doesn't 'want my QB dancing' (but likes Cam Newton)

    CBS Sports "It wouldn't be the week before Super Bowl week without a storyline already becoming excessive. In this case it's the debate about Cam Newton, who was thrust into the limelight further after he posited that he's perceived differently as an African-American quarterback because people aren't used to..." January 31

  • Broncos' Wade Phillips: I haven't seen anyone like Cam Newton, none of us have

    The Score "Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is tasked with coming up with a game plan to neutralize Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, a feat no team has been able to achieve this season. Newton is arguably the most unique quarterback in the league, with an unmatched physical..." January 29

  • Von Miller says Cam Newton is his favorite QB after Peyton

    CBS Sports "A week ago, the Broncos' defense couldn't stop ripping Tom Brady, using unflattering words before the game to describe the Patriots' quarterback and even less polite descriptions after the game. Von Miller got in on the action, making a Deflategate joke as he held the football of a Brady pass he..." January 29

  • Cam Newton run-away favorite to win Super Bowl 50 MVP

    The Score "The odds for who will take the Super Bowl MVP crown are in and, unsurprisingly, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a heavy favorite. After an inspired season and a four-touchdown performance in the NFC Championship, Newton is poised to lead his franchise to its first Super Bowl and its..." January 29

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    Richard Walker @JRWalk22

    Cam Newton: I'm an African-American QB that scares people because my skill set isn't like anybody else

  • Cam Newton: Being an African-American QB with this skill-set scares people

    Charlotte Observer "Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been dancing on the field all season, but he’s done dancing around the divisive topic of what makes him so polarizing. Newton lay bare Wednesday in the lead-up to Super Bowl 50 what he believes is the reason why he’s been such a lightning rod for..." January 27

  • Aqib Talib says Cam Newton is probably most dangerous QB in NFL

    The Score "Super Bowl 50 is quickly approaching and the Denver Broncos are sure not to underrate their opponent. Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was surprisingly reverent toward Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Newton will almost surely capture NFL MVP honors the night before the Super Bowl after..." January 25

  • Saints' Payton: We've seen Cam Newton 'go from good to great'

    New Orleans Times-Picayune "New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton praised Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during his ESPN appearance Sunday. "We've seen this player go from good to great," Payton said while on ESPN's Postseason NFL Countdown show to advance the NFC and AFC championship games. "He's done it at the..." January 24

  • Cam Newton is bigger than most Cardinals defenders "We know that Cam Newton is a large quarterback, but when thinking about it in actual terms, his combination of size and speed is actually quite stunning. An analyst can sound quite banal when he or she says can you imagine trying to tackle that guy? But the reality of the situation? It's a real..." January 24

  • Carson Palmer, Cam Newton first Heisman QBs to face off in playoffs

    ESPN "They differ in nearly every category. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer is 36. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is 26. Palmer is a traditional drop-pack passer. Newton is a modern mobile quarterback. It took Palmer 13 seasons to find postseason success. It took Newton..." January 18

  • Cam Newton says newborn son already has scholarship offers

    Charlotte Observer "Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert says he can already see that fatherhood has changed Cam Newton. Newton welcomed his first son, Chosen Sebastian Newton, into the world on Christmas Eve, and his teammates and friends in the locker room have seen the effect on the quarterback. “He’s..." January 01

  • Panthers' Rivera compares Jameis Winston to Cam Newton

    The Score "Cam Newton and Jameis Winston's resumes are remarkably similar, with both quarterbacks winning the Heisman Trophy, a national championship and were selected first overall in their respective drafts. Newton is in the midst of his best professional campaign, as the Carolina Panthers' superstar is..." December 31

  • Drew Brees believes Cam Newton is 'absolutely deserving' of MVP

    The Score "Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has many supporters in his bid for the league MVP, but now he has one of the most respected voices in the NFL in his corner: Drew Brees. The New Orleans Saints quarterback was on the NFL HQ show on Tuesday, and was asked about whether he believed Newton..." December 30

  • Cam Newton: 'We got our ass kicked today' "For the first time all season, Panthers players and coaches are left contemplating defeat. Coming out of Sunday's stunning 20-13 loss to the up-and-down Falcons, it's not a feeling quarterback Cam Newton wants to revisit. "There's no magic words that need to be said. You're not going hear me..." December 28

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    Cam Newton is the 1st player in NFL history with 30+ pass TDs & 8+ rush TDs in a single season

  • Cam Newton: MVP race is 'irrelevant to me right now' "Cam Newton is the clear frontrunner to win the 2015 NFL MVP award. Some fans have even gone so far as to refer to it as the CaMVP. The Carolina Panthers' quarterback, however, isn't concerned with the awards race. "It's irrelevant to me right now," Newton said this week of the MVP race, via..." December 26

  • Cam Newton, Panthers quarterback, killing the passing game this year

    Denver Post "Cam Newton is reminding everyone he can beat teams with his right arm. Newton is viewed as perhaps the NFL's best rushing quarterback, but this year he's putting up Tom Brady-like numbers in the passing game for the unbeaten Carolina Panthers. Newton has thrown for 3,402 yards and already..." December 23

  • Hall of Famer Richard Dent would try to 'knock (Cam Newton's) ass out of the game'

    USA Today "Cam Newton has ticked off a number of defensive players around the NFL with his in-your-face touchdown celebrations. He’s also rubbed one of the league's greatest former defensive stars the wrong way, too. “It’s disrespect,” Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent told USA TODAY..." December 20

  • Tom Brady edges Cam Newton in fan voting for Pro Bowl

    Pro Football Talk "Panthers quarterback Cam Newton might be the favorite for the MVP, but he’s still behind Tom Brady in the popular vote. The NFL announced that at the end of fan voting for the Pro Bowl, Brady was the top vote-getter, with 701,554 fan votes. Newton was second with 701,086 votes, a difference of..." December 17

  • Cam Newton: 'We celebrate because there is greatness in the air'

    ESPN "The images of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton four years ago with a towel over his head and the ones of him now dancing on the sideline are starkly different. Newton, by the way, still wears a towel over his head from time to time. So what has changed? “I think a lot of it has to..." December 16

  • Cam Newton tells MVP doubters ‘kiss my a–‘

    Larry Brown Sports "Cam Newton has a message to anyone who does not think he is the MVP of the NFL this season: “kiss my a–.” Newton, never one to be short on confidence, was contacted by Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall for a segment on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.” The segment was called “kiss my”, which..." December 09

  • Cam Newton: “Hear me when I say, I do not have a concussion”

    Pro Football Talk "Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took a hard, helmet-to-helmet shot from a Saints linebacker he didn’t see coming. Then, apparently, he had to take a leak. Somewhere in that brief visit to the men’s room/locker room, Newton was checked for a concussion and cleared by an independent..." December 07

  • Cam Newton: We won’t be “lured in” by talk of undefeated season

    Pro Football Talk "The Panthers are the last team with a chance to go undefeated this season, but a 16-0 record was a topic that coach Ron Rivera didn’t feel much like discussing after they improved to 11-0 on Thanksgiving. Rivera said last week that thinking about going 16-0 means “you are not focusing on the..." December 01

  • Cam Newton Voices Support For Greg Hardy, Says He Was ‘Great Teammate’

    NESN "Before Greg Hardy’s domestic violence arrest in 2014, he was one of the NFL’s top defensive ends. And, according to many former Carolina Panthers, Hardy also was a good teammate. Much has changed in public opinion since the arrest, but Hardy remains a friend to many in the Panthers’ locker..." November 26

  • Scared White People Are Running Out Of Reasons To Hate Cam Newton

    Deadspin "On Sunday in Nashville, the Carolina Panthers beat the Tennessee Titans 27-10 and extended their record to a perfect 8-1. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sealed the game late in the fourth when he took a snap from two yards out on third and goal, bullied his way to the right, and reached over four..." November 17

  • Cam Newton Wants Media to Get Punished When Their Bold Predictions Backfire

    Complex "Cam Newton is in a good mood and rightfully so. Newton's name has been brought up in MVP discussions. The Carolina Panthers are one of the five remaining undefeated teams in the NFL, at 5-0. He's also probably still riding high off a road win over the Seahawks in Seattle. And speaking of that..." October 22

  • Cam Newton on Ed Hochuli: “did you expect him to say something else”

    Pro Football Talk "As you’d probably expect, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton tried to play the “on to Tampa Bay” card Wednesday. But he didn’t let NFL referee Ed Hochuli off the hook, either. Newton tried to scoot past an initial question about his Sunday allegation that Hochuli told him he wasn’t “old enough”..." October 01

  • NFL to investigate Ed Hochuli's 'not old enough' comment to Cam Newton

    ESPN "Referee Ed Hochuli could be subject to discipline if it is proved that he told Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton he "wasn't old enough" to get a call in Sunday's 27-22 victory over the New Orleans Saints. "We would do an investigation, see if anybody was miked in the area, and we've had..." September 29

  • Ed Hochuli says he told Cam Newton he didn’t get call because he was running

    Larry Brown Sports "Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton claims referee Ed Hochuli gave him a very disturbing reason for why he did not get a late hit call in the fourth quarter on Sunday — that Newton isn’t old enough yet for a call like that. Hochuli has denied saying that. NFL vice president of..." September 28