The Washington Redskins are hitting the drawing board hard in hopes of turning things around this season after struggling the entire year.

I figured this team had the right formula to work with to take the NFC East for the second straight year. But things didn’t go as well as this franchise hoped. They’ll sit back and look over their roster, trying to figure out who can help this team bounce back after finishing the year with one of the worst records in the league.

A key position that they’ll be looking over time and time again, is the wide receiver spot on the depth chart. They have the option to re-sign both veterans Santana Moss and Josh Morgan. But they could be looking to let them move on and see if they can find a home elsewhere.

Santana Moss, who turns 35 in June, may have a tougher time than Morgan when it comes to finding employment for the 2014 season. Moss’s production this year was pretty much not there. He recorded 42 receptions for 452 receiving yards and only brought in two touchdown receptions.

Moss brought in eight touchdown receptions last year, the highest he’s recorded in a season since his first year with the Washington Redskins back in 2005. So the question right now is, will the Washington Redskins re-sign Moss for at least one more year? Doubtful.