The New York Jets have the most passionate fan base in the country. OK, maybe that is my biased opinion, and one that we all share, but that’s fine too. How could we not be the greatest? OUR TEAM HASN’T WON A CHAMPIONSHIP IN OVER 40 YEARS! We have to have passion, or we wouldn’t be around the team anymore.

But, you look around the country, and we have a pretty hated team. Everyone likes to use derogatory terms like the “circus”, among others, when describing our team. Leave the NY area, and there isn’t a great amount of respect for the New York Jets. Have you noticed? The Jets are not looked upon favorably.

As you know, I have been off the grid for a while, due to my health, just getting back over the last few days. The best therapy for someone like me, while I was in the hospital, was thinking about our team. I found myself thinking specifically about this question. “Why are we so un-loved around the country?”

It’s certainly not because of our propensity to win titles. I mean, we must admit that some of our problem with the New England Patriots is that they win all the time. I know that it is mine. A lot of times, teams that win all the time are hated, unless you root for that team. Take the Yankees. Not a team that is loved all over the nation, aside from NY, or with people originally from NY.