Sometimes a player has so much talent that it’s easy to forget how young they are. Case in point: Tyler Seguin when he played for the Boston Bruins. They drafted him with the second-overall selection in 2010 watched him grow into the team’s top goal scorer two years later and handed him a massive $34.5 million deal.

Then it seems that the team left him alone with his new-found recognizably and millions of dollars as a 20 year-old. Why there’s a great mystery surrounding where Seguin’s game went is beyond comprehension.

When the Pittsburgh Penguins drafted Sidney Crosby they knew that he was a long-term major investment and they protected him like one. They didn’t stick him in a hotel in Pittsburgh and expect the small-town Canadian kid to just figure it out. No they gave him a mentor in Mario Lemieux and had him sleeping in his basement for two years before feeling comfortable enough in Crosby as a man to let him go out on his own.

They taught him how to be a professional instead of just expecting him to be one right out of the box as a teenager making the jump into the NHL.

While some players are perfectly capable of doing that the teams that fare the best with their prospects are the teams that know how to teach a player how to be a man and a professional. The Bruins never made those strides with Seguin. Instead he got a few slaps on the wrist and some stern talking-tos.

There’s a feeling that Boston never treated Seguin like a man and never seemed interested in helping him become one. If the comments that the brain trust made during the “Behind the B” television special are indication the Bruins straight up didn’t like Seguin as a person or a player.