Yes, I know. The Houston Astros have already improved their bullpen a tremendous amount from last season. Trust me, I absolutely love it, but I don’t want them to be finished quite yet.

When the Astros entered the offseason, they knew that fixing the bullpen was high on their priorities list. Going out and signing Matt Albers, Jesse Crain, and Chad Qualls will do wonders for the team, and hopefully one or all of Peter Moylan, Raul Valdes, Anthony Bass, Collin McHugh, and other signees, waiver wire claims, or prospects will boom this year.

Butttttt…..We can’t just believe they all will be successful this season. There is a reason some of these signings were cheap and the others were available on waivers. Whether it was due to injuries or a downward slope in career numbers, all were cheaply available and something that Astros fans should take into account when expecting great numbers from each one.