The Washington Redskins‘ season may be over, but their quarterback Robert Griffin III is staying busy not only getting better for next year, but is also staying active in helping out his alma mater. Tweets have surfaced that seem to suggest RGIII is helping recruit Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus to Baylor to play wide receiver in the near future.

Broadus is a four-star recruit now apparently has playing for Baylor on the table for him thanks to Robert Griffin III.

Now, may not be actual proof that RGIII put in a good word for Snoop Dogg’s son, but it’s entirely possible and certainly seems legit. RGIII has ties to Snoop Dogg and they clearly go back and forth in their normal daily lives. Still, the evidence does speak pretty loudly here as to Snoop Dogg’s son getting recruited by Baylor’s most famous quarterback.