With Peter Bourjos now a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Anaheim Angels no longer have a roster crunch in the outfield. That leaves an opening for Kole Calhoun, who is expected to take over the starting right field job for the Anaheim Angels in 2014.

“For him to improve, he has to get the opportunity to play, and we see a good opportunity for him on this field. With the combination of Kole, Trout, Hamilton, in addition to Shuck and Cowgill, we feel outfield depth is an area of strength. Sometimes you deal from an area of strength to fill an area of weakness.”

Calhoun wasn’t a true starter for the Angels in 2013, but thanks to a rash of injuries ended up playing significant innings where he popped eight home runs and knocked in 32 RBI in 195 at-bats.