Talk about a rough week for Justin Bieber.

From having his home raided in California, to being arrested in Florida, to being charged with assault in Toronto to having his plane stopped on the tarmac in New Jersey, things couldn’t have gotten much worse for the Canadian heartthrob.

Or could they?

According to Access Hollywood, Biebs was allegedly turned away from three Super Bowl parties on Saturday night.

After a long two weeks filled with a DUI arrest, a reported get-help-or-I’m-out ultimatum from manager Scooter Braun, a voluntary surrender to Toronto police, and a reported private plane delay and search, Justin Bieber was turned away at three Super Bowl parties on Friday night, a source tells Access Hollywood.

In fairness to Bieber, all of the parties he was denied entry at did have an age limit, but that’s never really stopped celebrities before.

The parties likely didn’t want to deal with any Bieber backlash assuming the age limit was pointed out in the tabloids.