The NFL Draft is coming up in May and the date is actually closer than you’d think. While fans can sit around and wait for the event, teams like the Baltimore Ravens are scrambling to try and hammer out a draft strategy so that things can get ironed out by the NFL Combine.

Baltimore barely missed the playoffs this past year, and many fans are crying for adding a wide receiver to be priority this offseason. There are rumblings that the Ravens could look to free agency to add someone, but it’s starting to sound more and more likely that Texas A&M stud Mike Evans won’t make it past the Ravens in the draft.


The Ravens’ weakest area last year was offensive line, and Lewan upgrades it. Do I believe Lewan will be there? No. I don’t see him making it past the New York Giants at No. 12. Next on the list would be Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans and North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.