The Los Angeles Dodgers have shown interest in starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo since the beginning on free agency.

However, reported contractual demands and Arroyo’s age (37) eventually pushed them away – at least for a little bit.

Last week, with Arroyo still shockingly on the market, the Dodgers began to show interest in Arroyo again and according to the Boston Globe, are now ‘very interested’ in signing the free agent.

The Dodgers are very interested but don’t want a third year. They are interested because they know how quickly you can go through starting pitchers, as happened early last season. Chad Billingsley won’t be ready until June, and there’s no telling how Josh Beckett will respond in his comeback. If the Dodgers landed Arroyo, they would potentially have four starters who could produce 200 innings.

Arroyo has proven himself to be one of the most durable starting pitchers in the game and would be an extremely solid addition to an already talented Dodgers pitching staff.