s if the Denver Nuggets weren’t already having enough trouble with Andre Miller before this weekend, their plans have been thrown up in the air thanks to the latest injury to the team. With news that Nate Robinson will miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL, the Nuggets are now going to be using the point guard they don’t want to get a point guard they need.

Logic would suggest that the Nuggets swallow their pride and make amends with Miler out of desperation, but Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post is reporting that the Nuggets are still looking to move Miller out of Denver. Where the Nuggets weren’t looking to demand a point guard in a trade involving Miller, that now looks like the motivating factor behind moving him.

First, a Miller deal now almost has to include a guard in return. There was a time when that wasn’t a necessity, but now it will be. The Nuggets could deal him for not much and go the D-League route to fill the open position, but that’s not a better option than getting a player already on an NBA bench in return.