A few days ago when Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess tweeted out a picture of his marijuana, it was viewed as nothing more than a dumb mistake. Little did we know just how far things would escalate.

The morning after, Bess was arrested and charged with assaulting a Broward sheriff’s deputy which included disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence. And as if that wasn’t enough, Bess, after being released from jail suggested reporters needed to ask his teammate Brandon Weeden about his marijuana.

Then Friday night we learned that Bess was Baker Acted in March of 2013 – a term meaning one is hospitalized (often mentally) against their will. You can read the details of that scary incident here, which our own Josh Sanchez covered.

Now Bess is up to his strange antics again, this time tweeting out a completely naked picture of himself to his 32,500+ followers on Twitter. The tweet only lasted momentarily before it was removed, but Deadspin (thanks to a keen eyed tipster) was able to capture the moment in all its glory.