The Indianapolis Colts are at sam that has already started to home grow its own stars. While other teams have made it big by being splashy in free agency, the Colts have been building through the draft and haven’t really be active in the free agent market.

While this has freed up roughly $30 million in cap space this offseason, the team isn’t going to change its ways and be buyers. According to Mike Wells from, the Colts are going to be looking at future contracts for the stars they’re home growing rather than going nuts on free agents this offseason.

The Colts will have more than $30 million of salary-cap space in free agency, but don’t expect them to be like a kid with their Christmas money at Toys “R” Us and just spend away. Grigson knows they’ll have to pay players like Luck and receiver T.Y. Hilton at some point down the road. They’ll be smart with their money during free agency.