Hopefully Ubaldo Jimenez didn’t do anything dramatic or try to make a big statement upon departing Cleveland for the off-season. Planning on cashing in on a ridiculously good stretch over the final two months of the season, Jimenez might find himself back in Cleveland after all.

We have known that is a potential outcome for a while now, but today Paul Hoynse of the Northeast Ohio Media Group touched on what the specifics of such a deal might be:

If Jimenez can’t get a three to four year deal, and comes knocking on the Tribe’s door, I bet both parties would jump at the chance to sign a one-year deal at or below $14 million. It would allow the Indians to keep a grip on their payroll and add a key arm to their rotation, while giving Jimenez a chance to prove last year wasn’t a fluke and take another bite of the free-agent apple after the 2014 season.”

In a thinner market, Jimenez might have been able to cash in on a team’s willingness to gamble that those final months were no fluke. He ended up in the wrong off-season, though, and the combination of that and draft pick compensation means that Jimenez might have to settle for a one year deal.