The Chicago Bulls are trying to make the postseason this year but are also keeping an eye on what they’re planning to do in the future. It’s highly unlikely that the team continues to toss fuel overboard in the middle of the season and it’s even less likely that they’ll finish as a lottery team.

Planning for the future and what to do in the offseason is still on the Bulls minds though, and one of the things on the to-do list is to decide what will happen with Carlos Boozer. Many believe that Boozer will be amnestied but now that move is being directly linked to making a run at Carmelo Anthony.

As Mike McGraw of The Daily Herald rightly points out, the two moves have very little to do with each other.

By using the amnesty clause (and they will), the Bulls would have about $10 million-$12 million in cap space, not nearly enough for Anthony. They’d have to dump Taj Gibson on a team with enough cap space to take on his $8 million salary for next season. That part is easy. Teams would be lining up to take Gibson off the Bulls’ hands.