The most interestingly bizarre story in the NBA at the moment surrounds Andrew Bynum and his current situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Essentially, Bynum doesn’t want to play for Cleveland and the Cavs don’t want to keep him around. It’s not as toxic a situation as it sounds, but it’s nonetheless going to end in a trade.

That’s where things get interesting as it appears not a whole lot of teams actually want him but many are open tot he idea of somehow getting him if they don’t have to bet the farm. FOXSports NBA writer Sam Amico has some theories on where Bynum could land and one potential trade he brings up is a Bynum for Paul Pierce trade with the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets lost center Brook Lopez for the year with a broken foot. Bynum is a center. The Cavs don’t really have a starting-caliber small forward. Pierce is a starting-caliber small forward. If the Nets were smart, they’d consider this. We don’t know if they’re smart.